Loft Hatch and Attic Flooring Installation, East Lothian

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Jul 15, 2022
Loft Hatch and Attic Flooring Installation East Lothian

Our new client in East Lothian purchased a large bungalow that required complete refurbishment. We were delighted to be asked to install a new insulated loft hatch, insulation and a storage platform.

Unfortunately, after buying their house, they discovered asbestos and had to find a specialised contractor to remove all the ceilings and old insulation.

After the asbestos contractors completed their work, we advised the client of the best position for the access hatch and options for the access ladder – based on their needs. 

After agreeing on all aspects of the job, Smart-Loft worked in partnership with the ceiling contractors, coordinating a process that would give the client the best of everything with minimal disruption.

After the ceilings were in place, we fitted a three-section aluminium loft ladder, an insulated loft hatch door, and a small storage platform before letting them finalise the internal work required.

Our work

  • Smart-Loft removed loose debris from the attic before fitting the insulation.
  • Smart-Loft fitted 130m2 of 300mm loft insulation in the whole attic.
  • Smart Loft installed an insulated hatch door and a three-section aluminium loft ladder.
  • Smart-Loft installed a small storage platform in the attic, allowing our client to save space elsewhere in their home.

This project took 3 Smart Loft installers 6 hours to complete.

A Happy Ending.

Our clients told us they are delighted with the quality of work and that Smart-Loft offered great value for money (another large insulation company has quoted double the amount).

If you need help installing loft ladders, insulation or ladders, we’d love the chance to help you.

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