Loft Storage Solutions, Edinburgh.

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Sep 25, 2023
Loft Storage Solutions Edinburgh

Smart Loft Storage Solutions recently completed a project for a newly built 3-bed terraced house located south of Edinburgh in Burdiehouse. Smart Loft Storage Solutions was tasked with installing a loft storage solution in the midsection of the loft area.

To begin, we installed 11.5m2 of high-quality flooring, ensuring it was raised using our innovative XL loft leg system to protect it from dampness and provide a sturdy foundation. We then installed a 3-section loft ladder, allowing easy access to the loft area and maximising the use of space in the home.

In addition, we installed a loft leg LED light to ensure that the newly installed loft area was well-lit, making it easy to locate and access stored items. This innovative LED light is energy-efficient, providing it doesn’t increase energy costs while also offering long-lasting illumination.

The newly installed loft storage solution will offer the homeowners much-needed additional storage space, making their homes feel more spacious and comfortable.

Our Smart Loft Storage Solutions team is thrilled to have helped yet another satisfied client optimise their living space and would be happy to do the same for you!

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