Landlords – did you know that EPC regulations have changed and that you should take action?

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Jun 12, 2023
Landlords - did you know that EPC regulations have changed and that you should take action?

Want to know the best and easiest way for landlords to comply with new EPC regulations in 2025?

The new legislation says every rental property must have an EPC (Energy performance certificate). An energy performance certificate’s purpose is to show how energy efficient a home is – with a rating from A (a very efficient home) to G (inefficient). The EPC rating gives any potential buyer or tenants a guide on heating and lighting the property. EPC certificates also recommend things you can do to improve the property’s efficiency to reduce energy costs further.

The Scottish Government has proposed changes to current EPC legislation, which are planned to be in place for 2025.

The Scottish Government’s overall goal is to improve energy efficiency in Scotland to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

New EPC regulations planned for 2025.

  • All private properties marketed for rental by Landlords must have a minimum EPC rating of band C by 2025.
  • All rental properties actively rented in the private sector must have an EPC rating of C or above by 2028.

Landlords with many properties should start considering how best to comply as soon as possible. 2025 isn’t that far away.

So, what is the easiest, quickest, and most cost-effective way to make your properties comply with the new EPC 2025 regulations?

Loft/Attic insulation from Smart Loft Storage Solutions.

Loft Insulation is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways for Landlords to meet the new 2025 EPC regulations for Landlords.

Loft insulation can add between 4 and 20 points to your EPC score, giving EPC ratings an instant lift.

The Benefits of Loft Insulation for Landlords compared to external or internal insulation alternatives such as internal or external insulation, new boilers, and ground or air source heat pumps.

  • Loft insulation is much quicker and easier to fit, which is excellent for both the Landlord and Tenant. Smart Loft can insulate a loft or attic in a few hours.
  • Loft insulation is more cost-effective. Great for Landlords with many properties and their Tenants, who will also save money on energy costs.
  • Loft insulation is helpful for both Landlord and Tenant. A higher EPC rating for landlords will make the property more attractive. In addition, tenants will save money on energy costs and feel better about their reduced emissions.

How can you meet the new 2025 EPC legislation in Scotland?

Contact Smart Loft Solutions.

Smart Loft has already helped many Landlords in Glasgow and Edinburgh comply with the new EPC 2025 regulations by fitting loft insulation (and sometimes ladders and flooring) to their properties.

Don’t forget that a loft can be used as storage space, making life easier for Tenants and the property more attractive to them.

Smart Loft Landlord services.

We’ll work with you to complete a property portfolio review and determine the best and most cost-efficient way to insulate your properties for maximum EPC ratings that meet the new legislation.

From there, we can schedule a program of work that will help you meet the new EPC standards and be fully compliant.

Need help with Finance to upgrade your properties?

Home Energy Scotland funding is available for energy efficiency projects, including help for landlords that aim to increase the energy efficiency of their properties. To see what is currently available, please visit >

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