The perfect loft/attic flooring solution – for new homeowners in Scotland.

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Jun 27, 2022
The perfect loft/attic flooring solution by Smart Loft Storage Solutions

The perfect loft/attic flooring solution – for new homeowners in Scotland.

If you need more storage space and are worried about installing loft/attic flooring in your new-build home we have the perfect solution!

Smart Loft Solutions help new homeowners get the space they need while keeping their new property safe and sound.

Say goodbye to packed-out cupboards and enter a new era of storage space and organisation.


Our article will answer the following questions…

  • My housebuilder says I can’t install loft or attic flooring.
  • Will installing attic/loft flooring invalidate my new home warranty?
  • Can I install loft/attic flooring in my new build house?
  • Why can’t I install loft flooring in my new build home?
  • Are there any loft flooring solutions for new build homes?

New build attic flooring challenges.

Some of our new build customers inform us that the company they purchased their new build home from says they should not install loft flooring for several reasons, including insulation compression, dampness and roof strength.

While this advice may be relevant for traditional loft floors where heavy boards are added directly to the rafters, it doesn’t account for other options, such as raised loft/attic flooring.

Smart Loft Raised Loft Flooring is the solution.

We help new build homeowners get the extra storage space they desire by using raised loft flooring. To raise flooring above the level of insulation, we use the award-winning Loft Leg system, a fully patented loft boarding system that allows us to overcome the challenges of new build loft flooring installation. Raising your loft floor will protect and enhance the efficiency of your loft insulation, preventing moisture build-up, and damaging your property.

Smart Loft Storage Solutions team are recommended Loftleg Installers. We are also qualified to install other raised boarding systems such as Loftzone. We are professional, efficient and reliable. We respect your property and treat it as if it were our own.

Over the years, we have built an excellent reputation in our local communities throughout Scotland and are proud of the five-star reviews we consistently receive.

We’d love to hear from you if you are a new homeowner and need extra storage space. 

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