Loft Storage Platform Installation, Kirkcaldy, Fife.

Category: Company | Flooring
Sep 28, 2023

Smart Loft Storage Solutions visited a new 4-bedroomed detached house in Kirkcaldy’s Kingslow Gait development. The solar panels on the roof required maintenance. However, accessing the panels was a bit of a hassle as the loft did not have an adequate access platform.

We advised the client to invest in a loft storage platform. Smart Loft Storage Solutions team installed a raised flooring platform in the middle of the loft, using the raised XL loft leg system, making access to the solar panels safe and easy.

Additionally, our expert team installed a 3-section loft ladder with a handrail, making it simple for anyone to reach the loft space without the risk of falls or injuries. Finally, the company added a 4ft led batten LED light, which ensured the area was well-lit.

This new loft storage solution made maintaining the solar panels hassle-free. Now, the client has peace of mind that the solar panels will continue to generate renewable energy without any issue, as they are easily accessible and consistently maintained.

If you have solar panels and need an access platform, contact the Smart Loft Storage Solutions team today for a free, no-obligation quote.


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