Loft Flooring and Storage Solutions: Greenacres Kingseat in Dunfermline

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May 15, 2023
Loft Flooring and Storage Solutions: Greenacres Kingseat Dunfermline by Smart Loft Storage Solutions.

Smart Loft Storage Solutions recently had the pleasure of working on a charming 3-bedroom semi-detached bungalow built in the 1990s in the peaceful suburb of Greenacres Kingseat, Dunfermline. The property allowed us to enhance its storage space while meeting the current UK EPC Standards.

We started by creating 43m2 of extra storage in the loft using our tried and tested solution of 175mm Loft Legs and 18mm floorboards. As a result, the homeowners now have ample storage space in their loft without worrying about insulation or weight distribution issues.

Furthermore, we fitted 8.5m2 of shelving on both sides of the flooring, allowing the homeowners to store even more items, ensuring every inch of the loft space is utilised.

We knew that improving the loft’s insulation was vital to bring the entire property to current EPC standards of 96m2. Thus we installed 200mm of extra insulation, improving the property’s energy efficiency and keeping the homeowners cosy and warm during the colder months.

Next, we removed the old hatch and ladder, which was situated in the narrow hallway, sealing old loft openings, preventing the possibility of unwanted cold draughts. Additionally, we created a new loft opening in the garage to provide better access to the loft, with the installation of our 120cm x 60cm Timber Loft Ladder to the new opening, ensuring our client’s safety was at the forefront of our mind.

Smart Loft Storage Solutions takes pride in delivering cost-effective and practical solutions to meet our client’s needs.

With our unique set of services, we are confident in transforming your home’s storage space.

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