Loft insulation and loft ladder installation, Hopefield, Bonnyrigg.

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Mar 22, 2023

A client contacted Smart Loft Storage Solutions to survey a loft in Bonnyrigg for a loft ladder and loft flooring – they wanted to utilise their loft area for storage so their house would be tidy and organised.

During our loft survey, we found that the existing floorboards had been laid on top of the insulation, causing it to become squashed, which is inefficient and allows mould to develop.

How Smart Loft Storage Solutions fixed the mouldy loft insulation.

Smart Loft Storage Solutions removed and replaced the damaged insulation, then installed a new raised floor using our loft leg system and a loft ladder for easy access.

Our client was delighted with our work and very happy that his insulation is working efficiently and that he has easy access all year round.

Our raised loft leg flooring system is NHBC approved and can be used in any loft or attic. Many new-build homeowners use it with the assurance that it does not invalidate their warranty.

Contact Smart Loft Storage Solutions if you need new loft flooring installed or have mouldy insulation problems.

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