Loft flooring installation, Livingston, West Lothian.

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Feb 2, 2023
Loft flooring installation Livingston by Smart Loft Storage Solutions

If you are living in a house with mould in your loft insulation, we can help.

Smart Loft Storage Solutions were contacted by a client who purchased a house where the previous owner laid boards in the loft directly on top of the second insulation layer.

The loft boards squashed the insulation, leaving no airflow under the loft flooring – trapping the moisture in the insulation, which started to become mouldy – never a good thing.

Our solution to fix the mouldy loft insulation.

Smart Loft Storage Solutions carefully removed the loft boards and the damaged insulation. We then installed a new raised loft leg system, which raises the floor’s level allowing the insulation to breathe correctly. Finally, we installed new insulation and loft flooring boards.

Our customer is delighted with our work and feels better knowing the loft is safe, dry and keeping his home warm.

Our raised loft leg flooring system is NHBC approved and can be installed in any loft or attic. As a result, many of our new build homeowners use it with the assurance that it does not invalidate their warranty.

We’d love to hear from you if you need new loft flooring installed or have mouldy insulation problems. Smart Loft Storage Solutions has been installing loft flooring, ladders and insulation for many years.

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