Is poor loft hatch insulation costing you?

Category: Insulation
Nov 8, 2022

If your loft is insulated, but your loft hatch isn’t, it creates an area where the heat (that you have paid for!) can escape.

Furthermore, a poorly insulated or badly fitted loft hatch allows moisture-laden air to enter the loft space. If the loft space cannot breathe, this air will accumulate and condense with the cold roof slates or breather membrane, creating moisture.

Smart Loft Storage Solutions can help you solve this problem by installing a fully insulated loft hatch quickly and efficiently.

Our Loft hatches comply with the most recent Building Regulations. We currently install PVC or metal hatches that come in various sizes, and we will always recommend which hatch best suits your space during our survey.

Make the smart choice. Contact Smart Loft Storage Solutions for a free, no-obligation quote today.

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