Are you looking for ways to cut your heating bills?

Oct 27, 2022

Here are a few very sensible ideas:

  • Wear extra layers.
  • Keep your curtains closed for longer.
  • Close doors to retain heat.
  • Use bubble wrap on your windows.
  • Fit draught excluders.
  • Switch your supplier.
  • Check that the flow to your boiler is correct.
  • Switch off radiators in unused rooms.

But the best way to cut heating bills is to insulate your loft and literally stop your heat from going through the roof!

Installing loft insulation can save significant amounts of money on your fuel bills because it improves the thermal efficiency of your home.

Loft insulation is a vital part of the energy efficiency of your property. As much as 70% of heat can escape through the roof space. If your loft also has central heating or water pipes, these too can be lagged with specific insulation to improve heat loss. Smart Loft Storage Solutions can advise you on this when we survey your loft.

Other Services we offer:

  • Loft Ladders
  • Loft Flooring
  • Loft Hatch
  • LED Lighting

Make the Smart Choice and contact Smart Loft Storage Solutions for a free, no-obligation quote.

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