Earthwool insulation and installation of raised loft flooring, Edinburgh, Scotland.

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Apr 20, 2023
Earthwool insulation and installation of raised loft flooring Edinburgh Scotland

A new client came to us with a large loft in a 1960s house in Edinburgh.

The lady had applied for a grant to install a heat pump. However, before being accepted for the grant, she was advised to have her loft fully insulated. Fitting the insulation alone would have resulted in losing all the loft storage space.

Smart Loft Storage Solutions started by removing the old floorboard and debris from the entire loft.

New earth wool insulation.
We then fitted 340mm Earthwool insulation in the entire loft – a total area of 66m2.

Raised Loft boarding.
We then fitted Smart Loft Storage Solutions raised loft flooring using – 18mm Moisture resistant P5 Chipboard flooring on a 175mm Loft Leg.


Raised Loft Flooring installation in Edinburgh, Scotland by Smart Loft Storage Solutions.

Smart Loft’s team of four had the project completed in one day (8 hours).

The outcome is a beautiful, spacious, well-insulated loft space that will reduce energy bills and give our client plenty of storage for all their belongings.

If you would like to reduce your energy bills and create an easy-to-access storage space in your loft, we’d love to hear from you.

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